Why should you want more when there is need for little? ..

Posted On : 29 Aug 2016   |   0 comments

Middle Class People, Income, Work

By Khalid M. Raza Hyderabad, Aug 29 (TN): When coming across this fact that people need more why? The question is absurd and Why? Because the humane factor determines that people’s wants never get to be limited.   Wants are always ther...

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National Anthem of India being powerful beats Pakistan in World Cups ..

Posted On : 24 Aug 2016   |   0 comments

Cricket, Sachin Tendulkar, Greg chappel

By Khalid M. Raza Hyderabad, Aug 24 (TN): Always Indians enjoy defeating Pakistan in all major tournaments in Cricket and why so not because Pakistanis listen carefully to their National Anthem but because as the tune Music above all passion in the ...

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Business that does well when customer care is good ..

Posted On : 14 Aug 2016   |   0 comments

Business, Growth, People, Development, Customers

By Khalid M. Raza Hyderabad, Aug 14 (TN): In a good sense it was surveyed enough to know that Business that does well when customer care is good.       It is although very helpful investigation that when customers get ...

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Ayurveda Doctors treat patients wrongly in many ways? ..

Posted On : 13 Aug 2016   |   1 comment

Ayurveda Doctors Medicine, Sleepiness , fatigue, Woman, Man, Old

By Khalid M. Raza Hyderabad, Aug 13 (TN): It was though determined scientifically that Alopathy or Medical Science is the right choice but some people still prefer Ayurveda because of their ancient old phenomena.       ...

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Truth Speaks Volumes Not Many Media Speaks False Not Many ..

Posted On : 10 Aug 2016   |   0 comments

ads, private, website, brochure, lecture, content, beauty

By Khalid M. Raza Hyderabad/Dhaka, Aug 10 (TN): Well speaking truth is always considered to be the fact that Television Media and News Papers Avoid it while Internet when contacted rightly on right channels gives you the right information.  ...

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Gauhar Khan Interview taken to boost her relationship with her fans ..

Posted On : 07 Aug 2016   |   0 comments

Gauhar Khan, Interview, Fans

A prolific dancer, Gauhar Khan cast aside her dancing shoes for her latest movie Fever, her first as a lead. In a conversation with IBNS correspondent Sudipto Maity, Gauhar reflects upon her movie and the components that go into the making of a bl...

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News Waah is internet news service to provide Unique good content ..

Posted On : 06 Aug 2016   |   0 comments

News Waah, Khalid M. Raza, Content Writer, Editor

News Waah is an internet news service to provide the viewers with fictional and nonfictional content along with facts and day to day happenings around the World throughout every day to build a great relationship of Internet platform and viewers to er...

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Bangladesh wants developments similar to India’s progress related to Narendra ..

Posted On : 25 Jul 2016   |   0 comments

PM Modi,Indian Prime Minister,Narendra Modi,Inter State Council Meeting,Aadhaar,Cooperative Federalism

By Khalid M. Raza Dhaka, July 25 (TN): In all means that the Narendra Modi government have come up through achieving international success not just by frequent visits of the Indian Prime Minister overseas but in terms of building relations globally....

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Shyamashree Sen wrote herself into history books earlier this month ..

Posted On : 23 Jul 2016   |   0 comments

Shyamashree Sen,Rotary International,Rotary District Governor, District 3291

Shyamashree Sen wrote herself into history books earlier this month, when she became the only second female District Governor of Rotary International District 3291 in Kolkata. In a chat with IBNS correspondent Supriyo Hazra, Sen opens up about her po...

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Google Search is reliable, easy, and free so take advantage ..

Posted On : 02 Jul 2016   |   0 comments

Google, India, MOU, AP, Govt, Digital

By Khalid M. Raza Hyderabad, July 2 (TN): Feeling cool and nice to read about this most creative and advanced Company, go ahead read it throughout and be comfortable to find what you know already or just read and feel happy as you are in good hand...

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