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Benefits of blood drops for infant screening ..

Posted On : 12 Sep 2016   |   0 comments

Blood, drops, New Born, Infant, Screening

Hyderabad, Sept 12 (TN): Trivitron Healthcare, one of India's largest medical technology companies of Indian origin in association with NeoGen Labs, a leader in Newborn Screening, and Rainbow Hospital, Hyderabad hosted a Symposium on the occasion of ...

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Zika Virus in Singapore confirmed with many cases ..

Posted On : 28 Aug 2016   |   0 comments

Zika Virus, Outbreak, WHO

Singapore City, Aug 28 (IBNS): Singapore has confirmed 41 cases of Zika of locally transmitted Zika, which include 36 foreign construction workers.   The matter has been confirmed by The Ministry of Health (MOH) of the country.   ...

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Ayurveda science is vast but limited by Ayurveda Doctors ..

Posted On : 24 Aug 2016   |   1 comment

Ayurveda, Treatments, Prostitutes, Sex Racket, Model, Mumbai, Police

Hyderabad, Aug 24 (TN): Ayurveda Science is the most age old treatment for the patients that those who prefer this kind of treatments were disappointed to see themselves in awkward problems as there is treatment from Ayurveda but not complete. &n...

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Vitamin deficiency of particular Vitamin causes sex problems ..

Posted On : 17 Aug 2016   |   0 comments

Sex, Infertility, Violence, Health

New Delhi, Aug 17 (IBNS): SRL Diagnostics, a leading diagnostic chain in India, has released a 3 yearlong study on Vitamin B12 deficiency at PAN India level.   Credit goes to Khalid M. Raza As Well For Presenting This Report Good:   ...

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Deaths are preventable with quality health care ..

Posted On : 17 Aug 2016   |   0 comments

Deaths, UN, Prevent, Health, Care

New York, Aug 17 (Just Earth News): Most stillbirths and neonatal deaths are preventable with quality health care during pregnancy and childbirth, the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) stressed on Tuesday as it launched three new publica...

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Ayurveda clinics do really good treatments? ..

Posted On : 13 Aug 2016   |   2 comments

nude, photos, Woman, Women, Power, Relationship

Hyderabad, Aug 13 (TN): The answer to the above headline question is absolutely a big NO. So, why this is so? Let us know clearly. You need to know the answer to this query in any case: Ayurveda clinics do really good treatments?    ...

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Water Supply insufficient in Powerful areas as UN concerns ..

Posted On : 09 Aug 2016   |   0 comments

Water Supply, Power, UN

New York, Aug 9 (Just Earth News): With more than two million people impacted by the fighting in and around war-ravaged Aleppo, where wide swaths of the area are now without power and water supplies are dwindling, the United Nations on Monday urgentl...

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How to Live up to 100 years says Dr Sunil Kapoor on Health ..

Posted On : 07 Aug 2016   |   0 comments

Cardio, 100 years, health

Live upto 100 years - Look after your heart and habits says Dr Sunil Kapoor, Sr. Cardiologist, Apollo Hospitals   Credit goes to Khalid M. Raza As well For Making This Report Readable:     Hyderabad, August 7 (TN): D...

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Kolkata Vegetable delight could be tasted good try it ..

Posted On : 06 Aug 2016   |   1 comment

Kolkata, Vegetable Delight, Food

Kolkata, Aug 6 (IBNS): A year ago, they dared to challenge tradition by serving global fusion food at their exclusive vegetarian restaurant located on a street known for its meaty delights and, a year later, they embraced Kolkata's penchant for herit...

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Chennai Wang’s Kitchen everyday meals brings up ..

Posted On : 04 Aug 2016   |   0 comments

Restaurant, Chennai, Food

Chennai, Aug 4 (IBNS): Chennai’s Wang’s kitchen has come up with a unique ‘Every day is a Wang’s day’ offer across its outlets in the city this monsoon season between 11am – 7pm.   The week-long culinary offer focuses on their...

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