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Video: Girls harassed everyday in India ..

Posted On : 13 Aug 2014   |   0 comments

Woman, Man, Facebook, Al Qaeda, Rape, Victim, Rapist, Punishment

What will You do if girls get harassed this way? This is the question that often leaves many in ignominy. Where's the solution, when men target women or girls this way or the other. This is frustrating for an Indian. We love India and we shou...

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Sadie doesn’t want her brother to grow up ..

Posted On : 10 Aug 2014   |   0 comments

Sadie, brother, cry, grow up

Michael Warbux1 on Youtube: You know the best part about this video? EVERYTHING! I sure hope Sadie continues to be this cool of sister when they get older. You're lucky to have such great kids. Stay awesome and congrats on going viral!...

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Aamir khan’s nude scene and story of ‘Peekay’ ..

Posted On : 05 Aug 2014   |   0 comments

Bang, Hrithik Roshan, PK, Nude, Aamir Khan, Bollywood, superstar, story

Aamir Khan no wonder can do anything that is appealing. He built his body worked hard for his film Gajini. Played so many characters in his films perfectly and why not Aamir Khan should be called a perfectionist. No doubt about it. But there's ...

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Deepika Padukone in Red, Movie Scene ..

Posted On : 04 Aug 2014   |   0 comments

Happy New Year, SRK, Deepika, Movie, Saif Ali Khan, Red

Deepika Padukone is all set to rise high with her hot looks in the Movies to be released next year with stunning performances. Deepika wants to make sure her movie lovers get fully entertained with her on screen chemistry. ...

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Aamir Khan story so heart touching ..

Posted On : 01 Aug 2014   |   0 comments

Bang, Hrithik Roshan, PK, Nude, Aamir Khan, Bollywood, superstar, story

Youtube: Aamir Hussain Khan was born on 14 March 1965 in Mumbai. His father, Tahir Hussain, was a film producer while his uncle, Nasir Hussain, was a film producer as well as a director and an actor. Aamir Khan started his career as a child act...

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Virat Kohli in Comedy Nights with Kapil ..

Posted On : 31 Jul 2014   |   0 comments

Comedy Nights, Kapil, Virat Kohli, Cricket, Hot Wheels, Thrill, Drive

Youtube: The episode starts with Kapil, Dadi celebrating their win in a cricket match. Later, Dadi asks Kapil about Virat Kohli who was supposed to come to their house for an interview. Kapil calls up Virat Kohli but who does not answer the cal...

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Katrina says Refresh minds with Kamili song ..

Posted On : 29 Jul 2014   |   0 comments

Katrina, Aamir, Salman, Ranbir

Krithika Rosenthal via Google+1: This Katrina song has been playing in my head all day long. All day long. But in a good way. Bollywood glamorous girl Katrina can be empowering in ways you wouldn't imagine....

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Manisha Koirala remembered through her Past ..

Posted On : 28 Jul 2014   |   0 comments

Manisha Koirala, Bollywood, Nepal, past

Manisha Koirala (born August 16, 1970) is a Nepali-Indian actress who works in Indian films, as well as a UNFPA Goodwill Ambassador and social activist. Making her acting debut in the Nepali film Pheri Bhetaula (1989), Manisha Koirala made he...

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Why Narendra Modi grilled by Bhagwant Mann? ..

Posted On : 26 Jul 2014   |   0 comments

Puducherry, Goa, Modi, Chief Ministers

Jatinder Singh: Mann used all his professional skills to question the Narendra Modi government in the parliament. He directly addressed Arun Jaitley on the Budget​ who did poorly in Punjab this elections by losing to Captain Amarinder Sing...

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Bang Hrithik Bang Katrina Bang Bang ..

Posted On : 25 Jul 2014   |   0 comments

Bang, Hrithik, Katrina Kaif, Movie, Trailer

Kirat Kay on Bang Bang: Own stories works better with technology to reach to a wider audience. I don't personally like to see a great Indian story with bad technology. I am sure Indian industry is techno-logically backward compared to Hollyw...

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