Why should you want more when there is need for little?

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By Khalid M. Raza
Hyderabad, Aug 29 (TN): When coming across this fact that people need more why? The question is absurd and Why? Because the humane factor determines that people’s wants never get to be limited.


Wants are always there and you want more is considered as what needs you to ask for more when you can survive with little. So the wants go on piling up until you realize this is not that much required but it needs us to fulfill our needs, which are the most important factors in any case.

Never ever involve yourself in that agony people go through that they want more and more. Believe in what is thought about you and is given to you so that you will have a happy life even after not getting what you wanted.

The scenario here is different because you want more, where no such thing exists for you to declare that you actually want more as it was said wants never end earlier because you think you are short of some pennies every month but you do not realize that you even can cut down that during the period to be free from short of pennies every month.

It is highly recommended factor that live with what you have rather than live with what you want more. So this reads as Why should you want more when there is need for little?



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